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Innovative and integrated

The X-rays are taken by the FUJIFILM Console Advance Software and subsequently sent to the VSOL programme for storage.


From there they may be consulted and transmitted by mail, burnt to CD, forwarded to the web server, etc. at any given time.

Fujifilm Console Advance Software

The software allows for creating the images according to the anatomic area. It will automatically select the correct orientation and indicate the letters on the X-rays. Non-exposed parts on the X-ray are automatically cut out. Although the programme uses several presets it can of course be tailored to your exact needs.


Veterinary Solutions optimised the software to ensure even more user comfort and ideal image quality. Everything has been adapted to optimum use via a multi-touch screen.


As the inventor of digital radiography Fujifilm has remained a forerunner in its field. This clearly shows from the many different processing options bundled as 'Image Intelligence': Multi Frequency Processing, Virtual Grid, Exposure Data Recognizer, Grid Pattern Removal, Flexible Noise Control, Gradation Processing, Smart Quality, ....

Veterinary Solutions
Veterinary Solutions

VSOL Programme

The second part of the software is VSOL, a type of database in which all the images are archived. Images can be stored by patient, but also by owner so as to create an easily accessible and full history of all the animals per owner. VSOL also stores the results of other examinations such as ultrasounds.


Furthermore, the software can export the data to a CD or USB key, including a printed label containing all the patient details, and easily provides for adding a report to the examination. This can then be printed or transmitted by email in PDF format.


The programme is able to send out emails automatically, including the digital photos (.jpg) and reports as an attachment or providing a link to the dicom photos at an integrated server. The system divides emails if the attachments are too large.