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Wired DR system

A highly interesting solution

As a low cost solution between the CR and wireless Dr systems, we can offer you a wired system.


One of the advantages of this system compared to second-hand wired systems is that it does not require a trigger cable. The system can even work completely on batteries, making power supply irrelevant. In addition, the detector is bigger, which is ideal if you were looking for a solution that would suit small animals as well as horses.


The system also uses ISS technology, which produces significantly higher image quality at a smaller dose.



Advantages & disadvantages of wired DR


cost-efficient DR

work quickly


no trigger

ISS technology

Fujifilm brand




ISS Technology

Excellent image quality with unequalled sharpness!


In converting X-ray to light, the scintillators used are either gadolinium (GOS) powder or caesium iodide (Csl) crystals. The light obtained is converted into a digital signal by means of a TFT detector.


Normally the TFT layer is placed behind the scintillator. Fujifilm has developed revolutionary and unique ISS (Irradiaton Side Sampling) technology whereby the TFT is in front instead of behind the scintillator.


The crystals have broader feet and finer ends. Consequently, the signal is more accurate at the ends than at the feet. That makes for a less diffusive signal and ensures excellent image quality and unsurpassed sharpness.



'Trigger free'

The Fujifilm DR system is the first of its kind not requiring a trigger box. Smart-switch technology ensures that the detector panel is always at the ready to receive and process radiation. Consequently, pressing the hand or foot switch does not create any delay. Gone are the days of frustration when a dog moves at the wrong moment while being X-rayed.


The classical DR X-ray system is slightly different in this respect. After all: it requires the detector's readiness for receiving and processing radiation. And that is just what the trigger box is for. It interrupts the signal from the hand or foot switch and transmits it, wirelessly or wired, to the control box or PC that controls the detector. The signal does not proceed until the PC gives permission. This can result in a delay of several seconds.


An additional advantage of the Fujifilm DR cassette is that it allows for the use of different X-ray tubes (e.g. one mobile tube and one extra heavy mounted tube for back pictures in horses, and a fixed one for small animals). By contrast, the classical DR panels require a different trigger box for each type of X-ray tube. The box has to be connected with each change to a different X-ray tube.


Additional advantage: Defect X-ray tubes can easily be replaced by another type!