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What is CR?

Computed Radiography

CR stands for Computed Radiography, a technology pioneered and co-developed by FUJIFILM.


It works on the basis of cassettes with phosphor plates. The screen converts the X-rays into light; the phosphor then stores the light.


You place the cassette into a reader. The reader automatically opens the cassette, removes the phosphor plate, scans it, re-exposes it to light to delete all imaging and places it back into the cassette.


The entire cycle can take more than 30 to 60 seconds.



Pros and cons of CR

Advantages compared to analogous development

no more unhealthy photographic developers

no more darkroom

more compact than analogous developers

images immediately available and ready for storage

images easy to e-mail

speed gain and better quality


Disadvantages of CR

slower than DR

still requires physical maintenance

becoming outdated

Why FUJIFILM CR system?

FUJIFILM was the pioneer and co-developer of digital radiography and has retained its forerunner position in the field.


Japanese quality: FUJIFILM scanners are known for their sturdiness and durability:

  • The construction quality of the reader and the cassettes, clearly illustrated by the metal clips on the cassettes, for instance, is unique.
  • Several equine veterinarians have had these devices in their vehicles for many years. FUJIFILM readers do not experience hardware problems such as blocking cassettes, etc.

Speed: the scanners have a higher average reading speed than competitive brands.


Doses: the required radiation dose is somewhat less than in other CR brands.

Wide range

Fujifilm carries a wide range of CR devices, offering different sizes and reading speeds.


Prima, the latest model, is available as a table model (Prima T2) or standing model (Prima). The standing model has the advantage of a smaller footprint thanks to its restricted depth (40 cm). So depending on the space and arrangement of their surgery, every veterinarian can select their ideal unit.


We sell all the systems including software that was improved by us to provide enhanced ease of use and imaging quality. It is identical to the software installed in the DR systems.


The entire system comes with a stand including a 27" touchscreen.



Surprisingly interesting

Compared with the costs for analogous film developers the CR is very cost-efficient in the long run.


It is interesting even for veterinary practices that do not make a lot of X-rays. Frustration as a result of the hassle involved, often leads to suboptimal use of analogous developers. At the same time, the fixed costs of liquids remain unchanged.


Combined with a suitable rental formula spread out over a longer period (8 years if needed) the costs can be reduced even further. We also offer second-hand devices including warranty, so as to cater for any budget.









Why Veterinary Solutions:

adapted software

very high imaging quality

excellent service